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About our Company

Ohen Group's ozone generators have been sold since 2009, but Ohen Group's services, online platforms, support structure and company our customers have come to know and love were only launched when our founders acquired the intellectual property of these ozone generators in 2021.

Our founders merged their existing Holistically Yours Therapy and Holistically Yours Shop (est. 2018) with the ozone generator intellectual property all under one roof as Ohen Group (Pty) Ltd.

Our decision to acquire the ozone generator intellectual property from the engineers was one of opportunity; we saw a powerful ozone generator in the industry where we could improve its reach in helping many more customers, provide more efficient customer support, easier access to after-sales service and online resources. We eliminated high lead times, distributors and the need for pre-orders - we knew it was our duty to improve this customer experience standard to match the high-quality ozone generator, and so Ohen Group was re-branded and re-launched under new ownership. 

We pride ourselves on our high-quality standards, lightning fast turn-around and response times, extensive knowledge and resources we share with our customers freely and the all-round customer service and quality products we provide. 


Meet the Founders


Tracy is the founder of wellness centre Holistically Yours (Pty) Ltd. She is an ozone specialist holding a professional diploma in ozone interventions. She is a natural healthcare practitioner registered with the Natural Healers Association and a supportive counsellor registered with the ASCHP. Tracy specialises in medical ozone therapies, ozone far infrared steam saunas, red light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic therapies. Holistically Yours (Pty) Ltd works with a wide network of other natural practitioners, ozone specialists, homeopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and counsellors where they are able to provide a hollistic healing experience.

Tracy Daubern



Cameron is the owner of Daubern Business Solutions Limited; a company startup based in England (Company no. 15027880) offering digital design, marketing solutions, brand and website services, social media for business and 'digital business transformation'. Cameron holds a BSc Open (Hons) from the Open University UK specializing in Business Management and Advancing Social Psychology. He holds certificates from the University of Leeds and the University of Warwick in business and psychology. Cameron is a certified Xero Accounting Advisor working closely with companies such as CS Coaching UK and Ohen Group.

Cameron Daubern



A Timeline Overview


The Ohen Model 4 launches, a new technology of ozone generator. Researched, developed and designed by the late Johan Hartman who also consulted on minor design changes for the Ohen 4.2 in 2022 which was not completed due to his passing



The Ohen Model 3 launches in 2012 with a slight variation, the Ohen 3.2, released in 2018


The Ohen Academy launches alongside the Ohen Model 5; the first smart ozone generator of its kind. Local distributors are signed in the UK

Holistically Yours acquires the intellectual property of the ozone generator from Johan Hartman. Ohen Group company is formed, Holistically Yours Shop is rebranded as Ohen Online and Ohen Group becomes a member of various European ozone societies


The Ohen Model 1 launches, designed by a colleague of Dr. Jullian Holmes, Johan van den Berg who was a prominent research and product design engineer for several decades



Find Ozone Therapy Near You

To try out ozone using Ohen technology, we recommend visiting one of our business clients who have been using our Ohen units in their branches for many years.

Our pick therapists, wellness centres and doctors are independently using our Ohen technology and there are no incentives for us to list them here other than providing our customers with the available knowledge.


Therapists marked with a ✔︎ have completed Ohen Academy training.

Our Pick

lifeshine wellness centre

LifeShine Wellness Centre

LifeShine Wellness Centre came about through a collaboration of like-minded doctors, holistic healers and individuals who had a vision and passion to create a unique healing space. This tranquil nurturing centre is run by a team of dedicated and specialised staff, offering progressive protocols around the globe to bring you a one-of-a-kind health treatment experience.


LifeShine Wellness Centre offers ozone therapy using Ohen 3 technology in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Health Renewal, a division of Skin Renewal

Health Renewal, a division of the Renewal Institute, specialize in integrative medicine and functional medicine. Health Renewal has a team of highly qualified medical doctors and homeopaths that specialize in anti-aging, hormonal supplementation & balancing and weight loss. We are assisted by experienced registered nurses who provide vital patient support. Our passion at Health Renewal is to listen and to connect the dots between a patient's medical history, symptoms, and their underlying causes. 

You can book ozone therapy treatments using our Ohen 4 technology at the following branches: Waterfall, Ballito. Book ozone therapy with our older Ohen 3 technology at the following branches: Cape Quarter, Claremont, Constantia, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Willowbridge, Durban, Umhlanga, Brooklyn, Irene, Fourways, Morningside, Illovo, Parkhurst, Westrand or Bedfordview

Skin Renewal, the elixir of you

Holistically Yours ✔︎

Holistically Yours is the therapy division of Ohen Group and stays up to date with the latest methods, technologies and therapies that Ohen Group provides. You will find only our latest Ohen Models being used at Holistically Yours where any of the therapy methods that the Ohen units are capable of are provided. Ohen Group has partnered with Holistically Yours to offer free consultations and Ohen unit demos when our Ohen Group customers purchase an Ohen unit from us. 

Holistically Yours is a wellness centre based in Centurion, South Africa owned by Tracy Daubern. 

Holistically Yours (Pty) Ltd
Dr Izak Grove,

Our affiliate referral programme means we are paid to refer people to a therapy practice and list them below, we make this clear to assist our customers in making decisions where listings may be financially incentivised. Affiliates marked with a ✔︎ have completed Ohen Academy training. Affiliates marked with an  we limit our liability including their Ohen equipment - they will shortly be removed.

To sign up for our Ohen Professional membership plans and list your company below, please contact us. We offer different resources based on your needs and business size.


Izak Grové ⓧ
We do not reccomend Mr. Izak Grové. Please refer to the alternative therapy practices above. This listing will shortly be removed.

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