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Ozone therapy session at Ohen Group

Medical Ozone Generator

The Ohen 4.1

High Concentration Medical Ozone

Ohen has been specially designed to meet the need for high-quality medical ozone generators for health enhancement at home as well as for use by practitioners. We work closely with some of the most respected medical ozone specialists in the world. One of Ohen Group’s design engineers has received an international award from the European Editorial Office for medical ozone machines and developments.

Ohen 4.1 medical ozone machine
  • Ear insufflation

  • Inhalation through olive oil

  • Cupping skin surfaces and organs

  • Limb bagging

  • Vaginal insufflation

  • Rectal insufflation

  • Ozonating water

  • Disinfection and purification of air

A Full Package

The Ohen 4.1 comes with all accessories to administer

Every purchase also comes with:


  • Low flow pediatric regulator free with the purchase of the full package

  • Access to customer only online resorces

  • Access to priority support and healthcare practitioners

  • Quality control datasheet with every purchase and full service

Ohen units carry a one year full manufactures warranty and ongoing therapy support. We offer quotes in EUR, GBP or ZAR and units can be shipped with either EU or UK power adaptors.


Features of the Ohen 4.1

  • Low flow rates. This has a dramatic increase in the effect of ozone due to increased concentration leading to more oxidation. The oxygen thus also lasts longer than other ozone generators reducing the amount of refills needed if using an oxygen cylinder (one 3L cylinder lasts 3 months with regular use).

  • Ohen medical grade, inert materials sourced from Italy, Germany and accessories sourced in local markets (see our going green initiatives).

  • The only one of its kind that can be used  for both home and professional medical use.

  • Pre-calibrated output creating an easy to use interface without a need to understand how to provide the correct concentrations of ozone. The Ohen unit only provides the highest concentration. Simply set a treatment time and turn the Ohen unit on.

  • The Ohen 4.1 is accurately calibrated to produce high-grade medical ozone from medical oxygen. People with medical training can use the Ohen 4.1 to administer ozone intravenously.

  • The Ohen unit can be serviced and repaired and replacement accessories are available to purchase.

  • Extremely safe to administer with or without knowledge of ozone.

The Ohen unit complies with all the major requirements of medical ozone generators which includes:

  • The oxygen source must be high purity oxygen and NOT ambient air. Ambient air contains less than 20% oxygen and many chemical toxins.

  • The output of the machine should be measured and calibrated in micrograms of ozone per milliliter of oxygen (µg/mL) and not the industrial standard of milligrams per hour (mg/h)

  • The machine should be issued with a calibration certificate confirming that the concentration of  ozone produced is viable for human use. Concentrations too weak will have no beneficial impact and concentrations too strong are harmful especially to lung tissue.

  • Medical ozone machines must comply with safety regulations. 

  • The material used in manufacturing medical ozone machines must be of medical grade to produce high quality medical ozone (often other ozone machine manufacturers use industrial standard material). The materials must also be ozone inert; many materials such as plastic and untreated silicon will perish quickly when exposed to medical grade ozone.

Units are registered to the paying customer who will receive the value added services. Reselling of Ohen units is prohibited however, to transfer ownership to someone else, please contact us for assistance. High-value trade-ins are also available should you no longer want your Ohen unit.


Our Ohen units are carefully manufactured and calibrated in line with international standards and compliance. At Ohen Group, we take this very seriously due to the nature and uses for our products. However, at times, our customers misuse or are irresponsible with our units such is the case when modificated units, units tested to be inoperable, or damaged units are used against our technicians' advice. Unlawful actions or malpractice are reported to us at times which may put our customers at risk. The 'our pick' practitioners listed on this website are recommended by us. You can contact us at any time to evaluate the efficacy of other practitioners and/ or their units before you visit them or check if their unit/s or company are blacklisted below. Any individual has the right to query a serial number with us (found on the underside of Ohen units) with the exception of requesting personal information.


As of 08/12/2023 the following are blacklisted: serial number 18050305 (personal use), Ohen 3.1 unit used by Dr AF van Wyk, a therapy practice named 'Dr. Izak Grové'. Please report any other issues or concerns in writing to We thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.