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A Guide to Using Ohen Online Services

Ohen Group offers a wide variety of different services, digital content and communication channels. Each of these services and channels are tailored to give our customers or the public easy access to our platforms and support team.

A reminder that Holistically Yours is a therapy practice that cannot assist you with Ohen queries. It is highly recommended to contact Ohen Group directly.

Our online services vary for each division:

  1. Ohen Therapy & Ozone Generators (

  2. Ohen Online Store (

  3. Ohen Academy (

Communication Channels

Across our three divisions and websites we encourage you to use our website live chat or app messaging which may both be available even after hours:

  • Live chat on our websites for assistance within the division (Available for all divisions).

  • iOS and Android in app messaging (Available for Ohen Therapy & Ohen Academy).

You can also contact us via:

  • WhatsApp - general enquiries only, available during business hours.

  • Email - contact different departments directly, available during business hours only.

Notification Channels

Our notification channels are separate for each division so subscribing to one division does not mean you will get updates for another. You can:

  • Subscribe to emails - you will need to subscribe to each division on their respective website to receive emails from each respective division.

  • iOS and Android in app push notifications including notifications of new blog posts (Available for Ohen Therapy & Ohen Academy only)

Customer Accounts & Profiles

All our divisions have customer accounts where you can login and access your personal information. The information and accounts vary for each division:

  • Ohen Therapy: create an account to access exclusive customer only content and store crucial information that is required when you contact us for support. When you submit your information on your account, it helps us provide support without the need for you to provide us with specific information (only when you use the in app or live chat contact methods).

  • Ohen Online Store: create an account to view past orders, reorder, earn points and see your shipping details.

  • Ohen Academy: your account is used to access course content, groups and forum contributions, your progress, achievements, certificates and all your study resources not available to the public.

Updating your Information

Our new integrative systems means that in certain circumstances, your personal information can update across all channels and Ohen divisions with some limitations. While we may have three distinctive divisions, our aim is to create a unified customer experience and so certain information will be updated across all divisions when updated or added. So, if you’ve purchased an ozonated product from our online store, you can request an Ohen unit quote from Ohen Therapy by just giving us your name.


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