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Limited Ohen 4.1 stock for South Africa

Ohen Group's 4.1 medical ozone units are manufactured in Europe with servicing and repairs available in Southern Africa.

With the current weakening of the South African Rand we have immediately stopped the import of new Ohen units to South Africa in an attempt to protect our current list price. We currently have limited availability of stock in South Africa.

We value our Southern African market and while we make every attempt to hold our current price during this time, we cannot guarantee this if the Rand does not recover over the coming months or if we run out of stock in South Africa before it recovers.

If you or someone you know is currently considering purchasing an Ohen unit now or in the near future, we recommend to get in contact with us to secure a unit today.

This does not in any way have an impact on customers purchasing the Ohen 4.1 outside of Southern African Countries which are serviced by Ohen Group South Africa.

Yours in health, Ohen Group South Africa


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